Changing or cancelling a membership

If you're thinking of leaving us or want to change your membership, here's how.

Yes, you can amend your membership by filling out an amendment form available at reception.

Yes. LJMU students can upgrade to a Direct Debit peak membership online for £9 per month. Just choose your centre and select 'LJMU DD £9' to sign up.

Upgrade your membership today

If you wish to cancel your membership complete our cancellation form.

You'll need your membership number, which you'll find on your membership card or wristband, and the name of your home club.

When we receive your cancellation form we will take a further two payments from your bank account on your normal direct debit dates. During this time you will be able to continue to use the facilities until the end of the month we collect the final payment.

This is in line with section 1.3 of your membership agreement. Please do not cancel your direct debit before we have taken the last two payments owed as this will leave a debt on your account which will need to be cleared if you ever rejoin. 

Members who joined from 2021

For members who joined Lifestyles from 2021 on our new membership tariffs, you or any linked members (adult or junior) can end your membership following the 'initial term' period by giving at least one calendar month's notice. Any fees that are due during the one-month notice period must be paid in full.


If you have cancelled your Lifestyles Direct Debit membership with your bank before we have taken your two final payments you will receive a letter requesting payment for the outstanding cancellation fees under section 1.3 of your membership agreement. You can pay the cancellation fee online

For customers who joined Lifestyles before 2021 you will have received a copy of your terms and conditions when you joined.

For customers who joined us from 2021, you can read membership terms and conditions online.