Pitch hire

We have a number of floodlit Astro pitches across Lifestyles available to hire. 

Footballer kicking ball on Astro

Centres with pitches

Number and type of pitch
Centres 5-a-side 7-a-side
Austin Rawlinson 0 3
Cardinal Heenan 0 4
Croxteth 0 2
Ellergreen 0 2
Everton Park 2 4
Garston 3 0
Park Road 1 1
Peter Lloyd 0 4
*Wavertree Sports Park (Aquatics) 0 4
*Walton 0 3

*Pitches at Wavertree Sports Park available Monday to Thursday 5pm-10pm.

*Walton also has one 9-a-side pitch and one full size pitch. Enquiries and bookings for Walton pitches are via Lifestyles Ellergreen.


Pitch hire costs
Options 5-a-side 7-a-side 9-a-side Full size
Adult £34.50 £51.80 £57.50 £75.00
Adult Off Peak £17.25* £28.80 n/a n/a
Junior £17.25 £25.90 n/a n/a
Junior Off Peak £8.75* n/a n/a n/a
Clubs £28.80 £43.10 n/a n/a
Schools £16.60 n/a n/a n/a

*5-a-side off peak price available at Garston only before 3.45pm weekdays and all weekend.

How to book

Contact your chosen centre and we’ll get back to you with availability. You can also check pitch availability for some centres by logging into your Lifestyles account.

You must book online for pitches at Wavertree Sports Park (Aquatics).

Contact Ellergreen to book pitches at the Walton site.