Girl doing front crawl in pool

Learn to swim

At Swim Academy Liverpool, we teach a valuable life skill with lessons that follow the Swim England Programme.

We teach children (4+) and adults (16+) from beginners, to competent swimmers who want to improve technique and stamina.

Children's swimming lessons

We follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme, with fun lessons that encourage children to grow in water confidence and move through each stage. Each course runs for 16 weeks, with one 30-minute lesson per week.

Pay monthlyPrices may vary across centres

£20.00 / monthly dd

£13.50 / monthly dd concession

16 week blockPrices may vary across centres

£72.00 / 16 week

£48.00 / 16 week concession

Adult swimming lessons

We follow the Swim England Adult Swimming Framework to help you improve in confidence, technique and safety in the water.

16 week blockPrices may vary across centres

£88.00/ 16 week

£52.80/ 16 week concession

Venue details and times

See the timetable below for participating venues, days and times.

How to book lessons

We are not taking any new lesson bookings at present and we are unable to respond to customers enquiring about bookings for new learners.

For other enquiries about the Swim Academy programme please contact us.  If you are an existing learner we will let you know when lessons resume and send you a booking link each time you move up a level.

Swimming lessons days and times (child lessons are 30 minutes)
Centre Day Time Lesson
Alsop Wednesday 15:45-20:00 Child
Aquatics Tuesday 15:45-20:00 Child
Aquatics Tuesday 20:15-21:00 Adult
Aquatics Thursday (from 9th November) 15:45-20:15 Child
Aquatics Thursday (from 9th November) 20:15-21:00 Adult
Ellergreen Tuesday 15:45-20:30 Child
Ellergreen Wednesday 15:45-19:30 Child
Ellergreen Friday 15:45-20:30 Child
Garston Tuesday 15:30-18:00 Child
Garston Thursday 15:45-20:00 Child
Garston Thursday 20:30-21:15 Adult
Garston Friday 15:30-18:00 Child
Park Road Wednesday 15:30-18:45 Child
Park Road Wednesday 18:45-19:30 Adult
Park Road Friday 15:30-19:45 Child
Park Road Friday 19:45-20:30 Adult