GP Referrals - Exercise for Health

Exercise for Health is a 12-week programme which aims to encourage more people to get active and improve health, medical conditions and life expectancy.


Person on exercise bike

How it works

Make an appointment to see your GP for a consultation. If they think you would benefit from the scheme they will give you a referral form.

Take your referral form to a Lifestyles centre (see participating centres below) and pay the £8.80 induction fee. 

We will book you in with a specialist instructor and issue your membership card - this will be activated on the day of your consultation.

The instructor will ask a few questions and work with you to develop a suitable 12-week fitness plan. They will show you how to use the gym equipment and tell you which classes may be suitable for you to take part in.

During the 12 weeks, you can use the gym for £1.10 at your chosen centre during GP referral times (see below) and an instructor will be on hand for all sessions to offer support and guidance.

You can swim at any Lifestyles pool during public swim times for just £1.10 and attend classes - also £1.10 (see centre pages for swim and class timetables). The reduced class cost only applies to classes advised on the scheme.

What happens after 12 weeks?

It’s up to you! Hopefully over the 12 weeks you’ll feel the benefits of your increased activity levels and want to maintain this as part of your lifestyle.

We offer a number of membership packages that you can join – see our memberships page for details and prices or discuss the options with your fitness instructor.

Participating centres

See the timetable below for participating centres and referral times. 

GP Referral sessions