Questions you may have about using the gym or arranging a gym induction.

Yes - all our customers have an induction before using the gym, even if they've used a gym before.

It is to find out if there are any medical or other conditions which could be affected by gym training, and to ensure all our customers are comfortable and safe using all the equipment provided.

You can book an induction online. 

Sign into your online account, select 'make a booking' and choose the centre where you want to do your induction, and select 'gym induction'.

Don't have an online account?  See our booking page to find out how to set one up.

The minimum height to use all resistance and cardio equipment in Lifestyles gyms is 4ft 7in (140cm).

If your child has an Activ8 membership and meets the minimum height they can use the gym as follows:

  • Primary school age Activ8 members: Must be accompanied in the gym by a responsible adult at all times.  Adults must supervise the young person and be in attendance throughout the training session.
  • Secondary school age Activ8 members: Can attend the gym unaccompanied before 6pm. Please check with your local centre.

If you want to use our facilities, there are some things we ask of you:

  • Wear suitable sports clothing and footwear.
  • Keep personal belongings in the storage lockers in the changing rooms/corridors. Do not take items into the gym or activity studios.
  • All free weight exercises must be done in the designated areas.  
  • Return weights and equipment after use to their original positions and racks so other people can find them easily.
  • Wipe down machines after use.
  • Always ask our fitness instructors for help and advice if you need it. 
  • On occasion staff may not always be present in the fitness suite. When this is the case, youngsters under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • In the event of an emergency, activate the emergency alarm in the fitness suite if there are no staff present.
  • Please be respectful to staff and other customers. Misbehaviour and non-compliance of gym rules will not be tolerated. Persistent offenders may be asked to leave the building and memberships withdrawn or entry refused.