Classes and booking

Find the answers to common questions about classes and booking.

You can book classes online through your Lifestyles online account - even if you're not a member.

Find out how to set up an account and book.

You can book 7 days in advance of centre opening hours. For example, if your class is on Monday and the centre opens at 7am, you can book from 7am 7 days before.

You can cancel a booking by logging in to your Lifestyles online account.

You can cancel up to six hours before the advertised class start time without penalty. No shows and cancellations within six hours of the advertised class start time will result in the following charges:

  • Members: A booking ban up to 7 days.
  • Non-members: The class fee will be lost, and no refund available.

This is to give customers who have not been able to book a class or activity the opportunity to do so.

Bans do not apply to cancellations made by Lifestyles.

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The majority of our classes are open to 13+ years, however we would advise you speak to one of our instructors to discuss that specific classes will be appropriate. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult when attending group exercise classes.

No, you will not be able to book any class at a peak time. If you wish to attend a class in peak times, upgrade options are available.

There are certain classes that, due to the nature of the activity, would be unsafe for you to take part in if joined late. To ensure a duty of care to our members we will not allow them to participate if the instructor believes this could present a health and safety risk.

Classes that are pre-booked yet remain unused are a major frustration to those members that were unable to book and participate and then see spaces available.

One of the aims of our booking policy is in the interest of all members to maximise the opportunities to participate by reducing the high volume of no shows and late cancellations so more members will be able to take part.

If a class that you would like to attend is fully booked, you will be offered the option to join the waiting list online. If you join the waiting list, you will receive an email or phone call to confirm that you are on the waiting list on a ‘first come first served’ queue. If you're unable to attend please cancel yourself out of the class in the normal way.

Please ensure you inform the class instructor of any medical conditions before the class begins.