Tennis competitions

Take part in monthly Mini Tennis competitions and Junior Ratings events.

Players holding Tennis trophies


We run monthly Mini Tennis competitions for all players in Red (8 and under), Orange (9 and under) and Green (10 and under).

We also run Junior Ratings events for players aged between 11 and 18. These events give players two matches against opponents of the same LTA rating and as similar age as possible.

Winter competitions will start on 11th September 2021 and run through to 20th March 2022.

How to enter

Visit the LTA website for competition dates and times and enter online

All players must have a British Tennis membership.

Places are limited so please enter early. 

  • Mini Red and Mini Orange events start at 11.30am-2pm, Mini Green 11am-2pm. All £11.
  • Junior Ratings: 1pm-5pm.