Lifestyles Park Road is home to the City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club.

Liverpool Gymnastics Club group photo


The City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club takes great pride in offering every child the opportunity to participate in gymnastics at all levels.

We run classes for all ages and abilities with coaches who are dedicated to providing your child with the best experience possible.

Gym Tots

Let your child develop and explore in a safe environment and improve balance, coordination and motor skills. From crawling on the floor to taking your first steps on the beam, the sensory environment is perfect for all.

Animal Academy

Designed to engage and introduce children into the sport of Gymnastics in a fun, friendly and exciting way. Develop core skills, balance, coordination, flexibility and social skills and confidence.

During these classes all children will work towards gaining British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards where they will receive badges and certificates for each level passed.  Sessions are grouped by age:

  • Cheeky Chimps (age 4-6)
  • Tumbling Tigers (age 7-9)
  • Leaping Lions (age 10+)

Competitive Gymnastics

We offer a variety of competitive pathways to allow every gymnast to reach their full potential. We off the following competitive pathways:

  • Floor and vault
  • Regional development pathway
  • National development pathway
  • Compulsory pathway
  • Elite gymnastics

See our coached activity timetable for more information on any of the above classes or visit the City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club website.