Austin Rawlinson Christmas opening hours

Our opening hours and timetables will change for Christmas from Monday 20th December.

Christmas opening hours and closures

Christmas class timetables and adult swims will be available to view and book online 7 days before from Monday 13th December.

Austin Rawlinson opening hours
Date Centre/Gym Public swim (25m/small pool) Steam room
Monday 20th Dec 09:00-18:00 13:00-18:00 11:30-18:00
Tuesday 21st Dec 09:00-18:00 13:00-18:00 11:30-18:00
Wednesday 22nd Dec 09:00-18:00 13:00-18:00 11:30-18:00
Thursday 23rd Dec 09:00-18:00 10:00-18:00 09:00-18:00
Friday 24th Dec Closed Closed Closed
Saturday 25th Dec Closed Closed Closed
Sunday 26th Dec Closed Closed Closed
Monday 27th Dec Closed Closed Closed
Tuesday 28th Dec Closed Closed Closed
Wednesday 29th Dec 09:00-16:00 10:00-16:00 09:00-16:00
Thursday 30th Dec 09:00-16:00 10:00-16:00 09:00-16:00
Friday 31st Dec Closed Closed  
Saturday 1st Jan Closed Closed  
Sunday 2nd Jan Closed Closed  
Monday 3rd Jan Closed Closed  
Tuesday 4th Jan Normal   Normal