Covid-19 Swim Academy guidance

Latest guidance for parents on what to expect when bringing your child to Swim Academy lessons. This guidance was last updated in April 2021.

Girl with goggles and cap swimming

If we have contacted you confirm when your lessons will resume, here are some things you need to know when bringing your child for their lessons.

Feeling ill

If you or your child feel ill or are showing any signs of illness or have contact with a person who is ill, you should not come to the facility but comply with the NHS Covid-19 recommendations. We ask kindly that customers wear face coverings and social distance from others whilst moving around the centre.

Drop off and pick up

If your child is over the age of 8 years, please drop your child at the front door and return to pick them up after the lesson at the same place, there are lots of additional staff on site to supervise. We ask that you please do not congregate outside the centre.

If your child is under 8 years you can take them to the changing area, help them to change, leave belongings in the cubicle used and leave the building until the lessons ends at which stage you can return to help them change again.

Please bring your child beach ready and only arrive 10 minutes before your lesson to allow time for cleaning in the changing area between classes.

See the FAQ below for further details:

We are reducing the capacity in the lessons based on the Covid guideline maximum bather load for each pool. The numbers in lessons will vary from 4-6 swimmers.

Unfortunately due to social distancing guidelines we cannot allow parents to congregate in the centre so you will be asked to drop your child at a designated area (front door for over 8’s and changing area for under 8’s) and return to the same area to pick them up. Extra staff are available to supervise swimmers at all times.

All lessons are now booked and paid online, we will not be accepting cash or card payments at reception. You must create an online account to do this. If you need help to create an account and book your swim course online, download our sports courses help guide.

Yes your child will still be able to work towards a certificate and we will keep a record of what they have achieved. Certificates will be issued in paper format only when it is deemed safe to do so.

Please follow the guidelines the school provide, do not attend the centre. Unfortunately we cannot refund or credit in these circumstances.

If you have a direct debit with us it has been frozen while we have been closed. Once you return to lessons this will restart ensuring that you only pay for the lessons you get. Please do not cancel directly at the bank.